AgFax Weekend: Fertilizer Concerns Continues | Concerns About Land Sales

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    DTN Fertilizer Trends: Supply Tightness Continues to Force Prices Higher   11-4

    Input Costs Show No Signs of Subsiding – Implications for Producers   11-4

    Indiana: Fertilizer – Thoughts on Profitable Application Rates   11-4

    Ballooning Fertilizer Prices, Production Cost Considerations Gain Scrutiny   11-2

    Fertilizer: Tariffs Lead to Phosphate Shortage – DTN   11-2

    Illinois Corn: High Nitrogen Prices – Planning for Next Season   10-27

    Fertilizer Prices Forecasted to Continue Increase – What to Know – Podcast   10-26


    ARC, PLC Program Sign-Up Underway for 2022   11-4

    Concerns About Ag Land Sales – DTN   11-2

    Farmers Still Hammered by Parts, Equipment Shortages – DTN   11-5

    Vilsack Talks Ag Issues at Climate Conference – DTN   11-5

    Ag Policy: Democrats Hope for Action Following Election Losses – DTN   11-5

    Ag Funding in President Biden’s Agenda – DTN   11-1

    Rising Production Costs Temper 2021 Successes – DTN   11-1

    Biofuels: EPA Rejects RFS Small-Refinery Petition – DTN   11-5

    Senators Tackle U.S. Ag’s Foreign Ownership – DTN   11-1

    Cleveland on Cotton: Weakening Exports, Increasing Use Polyester   11-6

    Biofuels: Senators Want RFS Meeting With Biden – DTN   10-28

    Farmer Sentiment Weakens Amid Concerns of Cost-Price Squeeze – Ag Barometer   11-2

    Bayer Extends Carbon Program to CHS – DTN   11-4

    Biden Rolls Back Trump Endangered Species Act Reforms – DTN   10-27

    Minnesota Farmer Signs Plea Agreement in Crop Insurance Fraud Case – DTN   10-26

    Biofuels: Deere Invests in Ethanol Diesel Engine – DTN   11-1

    Benchmarking Crop Machinery Cost and Investment   11-5

    Biofuels: Ethanol for Jet Fuel? ADM to Support Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production   10-29

    2021 Conservation Reserve Program Sign Up Dashboard   10-27

    Ag Economy: Generally Strong, Livestock Loan Demand Grew in 3rd Quarter – Kansas City Fed   10-27

    Ag Groups Highlight Supply Chain Concerns – DTN   10-25


    Drought Monitor Weekly: Widespread Improvements, Some Areas Not So Lucky   11-6

    NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – November   11-2

    Cold Weather Settles Into Eastern U.S. – DTN   11-2

    Midwest: Heavy Rain’s Impact on Crop Harvest – DTN   10-28

    NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Nov., Dec., Jan.   10-25


    Ohio: Still a Big Window for Fall Herbicide Treatments   11-6

    Herbicide Shortage Workarounds – DTN   11-6

    Midwest Corn, Soybean Growers Urged to Participate in Weed Management Survey   11-2


    California Almonds: Nov. Orchard Management Considerations   11-1

    California Walnuts: Nov. Orchard Management Considerations   10-25


    Rice Market Update: U.S. Milled Looking for Buyers   11-6

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-5

    China’s Energy Crunch Disrupts Oilseed Trade; Slow Consolidation in China’s Pork Production   11-5

    Wheat Prices Climb, Elevated Fertilizer Prices Persist   11-5

    Wheat: Weather Promises Large Harvests for Australia, Argentina – DTN   11-5

    Corn, Soybeans: Crop Insurance – Harvest Price Option Triggers – DTN   11-4

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   11-2

    Ag Trade: U.S.-E.U. Drop Steel, Aluminum Dispute – DTN   11-2

    Rice Market: EU Lifts 25% Retaliatory Duty on U.S.   11-1

    Peanut Stocks: Utilization Down 4%; 1.4Bln Pounds in Storage   10-28

    Ag Trade: China Emerges as 3rd Largest Market for U.S. Beef, Key Factor in Pork Exports   10-27

    Rice Market Update: What Will 2022 Bring?   11-1

    Thompson on Cotton: Strong Fundamentals Driving Market, Expect Increased Volatility   11-1

    Cleveland on Cotton: Market Set to Challenge 18 Cents   11-1


    Georgia Pecan Prices: Gift Pack, Candy Businesses Buying Top Quality Nuts   11-5


    Pesticide Storage: Protect Others, the Environment, and Your Investment   11-5

    Fuel Report: Slight Price Increases   11-4

    Mississippi Outdoors: Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer Impacts Hunters   11-1

    Arkansas Rice Awards $17K in Scholarships to High School Seniors in Rice Reps Program   10-27


    Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Seed Selection Can Help Manage Diseases Next Year   11-5

    Michigan: Enterprise Budgets Are Useful Tools – Especially During Uncertain Times   11-4

    Further Updates to the Cover Crop Decision Support Tool   11-4

    Tennessee: Managing Input Price Risk   11-3

    Mississippi: Schedule for Old Polytube Pickup   11-1

    North Carolina: Extension Crop Comparison Tool Aids Decision Making   10-28

    Mississippi: Budgeting Hurdles for 2022 – Podcast   10-27

    Soil Health: Adjust Tire Pressure to Reduce Compaction   10-25

    Corn | Soybeans

    Soybeans: How Can You Maximize Your Fertilizer Dollars in 2022? – DTN   11-5

    Michigan: Drying, Storing Wet Soybeans   11-4

    Arkansas Soybeans: Study Shows Cover Crops Increase Yield 10.5%   11-4

    Indiana Corn: Considerations for Delayed Harvest   11-4

    Ohio: Fall Soil Fertility Sampling   10-29

    Mississippi Corn: What to Look at in Hybrid Evaluations – Podcast   11-3

    Ohio Corn: Low Vomitoxin Levels Could Change with Rain, Delayed Harvest   10-29

    Grain Storage: Pest Management – How Cold Is Enough?   10-29

    Minnesota Corn: Tar Spot – Increasing Distribution, Severity   10-28

    Nebraska Corn: Tar Spot Confirmed in Several Eastern Counties   10-26

    Missouri Soybeans: Harvest Is the Perfect Time to Sample for SCN   10-27

    Ohio Soybeans: Time to Test Fields for SCN   10-29

    Indiana Corn: Nitrogen Management Guidelines   11-4

    Iowa: Soybean Varieties SCN Resistance Different from PI 88788   10-27

    Nebraska: Production Cost Increases, Expected Profits, Riskier Financial Environment – Podcast   10-26

    Minnesota Corn: Harvest Safety – Mind the Mold Dust   10-27

    North Carolina: Southern Corn Billbug – A New Old Pest in the Blacklands   10-27

    Nebraska: Soil Fertility – Maximize Economic Returns on Fertilizers   10-26

    Cotton | Sorghum

    Tennessee Cotton: Crop Outlook After a Freeze Event   11-3

    Cotton Farmers Harvest White Gold – DTN   11-1

    Peanuts | Pecans

    Mississippi: Pecans Slightly Behind Schedule but Promising   11-1

    Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Ralph Sandeford – Video   10-29


    Louisiana: Sugarcane Field Day Focuses on Sustainability   10-29


    Tobacco: Harvest Nearly Finished, So Far No Killing Frost   10-27


    Wheat: Rethink Fall N Applications – DTN   11-1

    Michigan Wheat: Management Considerations for Late-Planted Fields   10-29

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