California Tree Crops: PG&E Offers Safe Planting Guidance Around Power Lines

    When orchard trees meet power lines, disaster can result. Whether it’s a power outage affecting millions or the accidental death of a farm worker, such scenarios can have devastating and far-reaching consequences.

    Orchard trees located near high-voltage power lines also pose serious fire and electrical hazards. Anyone on the ground is at risk – whether they are in contact with the power line or just standing near the tree.

    The good news? Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and growers can work together to determine a planting plan that maintains safe distances between trees and power lines.

    As a utility provider, PG&E’s most important responsibility is to ensure public safety and provide a reliable supply of electricity. To meet those obligations and state and federal regulations, PG&E works to maintain safety clearances between trees and other vegetation and high-voltage power lines.

    PG&E offers a Mature Orchard Incentive Program for Transmission Lines, which encourages orchard growers to remove nut-bearing trees under transmission lines. Growers can use the incentive to replant crops that are compatible with electric transmission lines or reinvest the funds according to their needs.

    Growers can contact PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 or at early in their planning phase to identify power-line friendly planting locations that avoid transmission lines. An expert will be to the grower’s orchard within days, at no cost to the grower. One call or email is all it takes to eliminate the risk of tree removal and gain valuable peace of mind.

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