Georgia Peanuts: Valor Injury Likely After Rains

    Valor injury on young peanuts. Photo: Mississippi State University

    Rainfall events of May 20/21 will likely result in Valor injury on peanut.  Although I have addressed this issue in many previous blogs (June 3, 2013; May 20, 2014, May 26, 2017, May 6, 2019), here is another general summary of the Valor injury/yield data that I have collected over the past 21 years: 

    • 11 replicated field trials with reliable yield data
    • 11/11 trials, Valor 51WG @ 3 oz/A had no negative effect on peanut yield
    • 9/11 trials, no difference in yield between 3 oz/A and 6 oz/A (FYI, 6 oz/A is not labeled or recommended)
    • 2/11 trials, 6 oz/A caused yield losses when compared to 3 oz/A (6.9% to 8.8% yield loss).

    Bottom line is that peanut fields suffering from injury, when Valor was applied at the labeled rate (3 oz/A) and timing (no later than 2 DAP), will very likely recover with no effects on final yield!

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