Counting Trees: Technology Quickly Tallies Trees For Insurance Purposes

    Pecan orchard in early spring. ©Debra L Ferguson

    Aerobotics technology has processed more than 5 million trees, 50,000 acres of groves and 15% of all citrus in Florida. These numbers are climbing ahead of the approaching mid-April deadline for growers to have their tree census data submitted for ‘2020 tree and crop insurance’ submissions.

    Growers are coming to rely on the company’s fast and accurate tree counting technology for their tree and crop insurance submissions, which provides reports on every tree in a grove and all missing trees.

    Aerobotics processing technology uses high-resolution drone imagery. When a grower signs up for the service, Aerobotics will have one of their global network of accredited drone pilots visit the client’s farm to capture the required drone imagery.

    The DJI drones used by Aerobotics are equipped with MicaSense multispectral cameras, which capture high-resolution images of farms at an NDRE (chlorophyll) layer. From here, proprietary machine-learning algorithms process the drone imagery to provide growers with in-depth reports accessible on the web-based platform, Aeroview.

    On Aeroview, growers receive data on tree counts, missing tree counts, per-tree and grove health, tree canopy size and volume; as well as early-stage alerts for pests and diseases that may be present.

    Aerobotics’ accurate tree counts are a game changer for traditional tree counting methods that can be time-consuming and inaccurate.

    Aerobotics’ intelligent tools for permanent tree and crop insurance and farm optimization are set to be a staple in the agriculture industry.

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