Virginia Cotton: Weather Looking Better for Defoliation

    Photo: University of Tennessee

    The weather this week seems like a gift compared to what the forecast said last week.

    • Hey, nobody is complaining even though peanuts that have missed all of the hurricane rain and all the showers last week would like to see a little bit of rain to help the digger. It’s like a gift.
    • Now the forecast indicates about 3 days of fall like conditions for the end of this week before turning back warm for the rest of the month.
    • Several thousand acres of cotton have been sprayed and I would project we will hit 10’s of thousands of acres this week that will be defoliated.
    • The main confusion occurs in the areas that had an early crop set, then with favorable August rain, the cotton has attempted to put on more bolls that are still soft and watery and would require 3 more weeks to mature.
    • The question is, ‘are there enough at the top to add enough yield that would justify delayed harvest?’
    • It takes about 1 of these bolls per foot in the whole field to make around 25 pounds of cotton per acre. The more you find, then the more head scratching you got to do.
    • 25 pounds is not worth waiting on.

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