Tennessee Field Reports: Limited Corn Harvest Starts

    Producers who have dryer capabilities started harvesting corn last week, with good yields reported. Additionally, tobacco harvest is underway, as is hemp harvest. Hay baling was the predominant activity last week. Other field activities included spraying for insects.

    Hard rains hit some areas of the state but only halted field activities temporarily. There were 6.0 days suitable for field work. Topsoil moisture was rated 2 percent very short, 18 percent short, 75 percent adequate, and 5 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture was rated 2 percent very short, 20 percent short, 75 percent adequate, and 3 percent surplus.

    County Agent Comments

    Farmers in Fayette County were busy spraying pests. Corn harvest will start soon. Crops looks good. – Jeff Via, Fayette County

    Hay producers were very busy this week with the great haymaking weather. Jared Stricklin, Hardin County Producers with drier capabilities are harvesting corn. Moisture running in the 20-24% range. Average to excellent yields are being reported. Rainfall over the weekend helped recharge soil moisture levels and was a great benefit to soybeans. — Jeff Lannom, Weakley County

    Torrential rains on Sunday caused some flash flooding in low lying areas. As the week progressed, good drying conditions prevailed and the tobacco harvest, hay harvest, and other fieldwork resumed. — Ronnie Barron, Cheatham County

    The 2.5- to 3-inch rain last weekend really helped the late corn and soybeans. Corn shelling has been taking place the last week. Tobacco harvest in full swing. Crop overall looking average at best. Industrial hemp harvest has started and most likely will run into mid-October. Hemp is looking good, a few worms and insects to deal with but nothing severe. Very little leaf spot at the current time. — Keith Allen, Macon County

    We only received less than a half-inch or less the first of the week and we are beginning to get dry. We have put up a lot of hay this week. — Larry Moorehead, Moore County

    Light scattered showers have only dampened the topsoil in some areas. Currently, there is no rain in the immediate forecast. Cooler temperatures will help pasture and range conditions. — David Cook, Davidson County

    A good rain midweek especially in some areas that were beginning to dry a bit. — Kevin Rose, Giles County

    Good week for field work. Fall hay harvest has seen a good week and silage harvest continues. Row crops are reported as good. Cattle look good and pastures continue to look good. Lots of warm season grasses have continue to provide good grazing. A. Ruth Correll, Wilson County 1.5 inches of rain early this week stopped grain and hay harvest. Crops looking good. Temperatures milder this week with highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s. — John Goddard, Loudon County

    Some rain has helped to improve soil moisture. — Chris Ramsey, Sullivan County

    A dry week favored significant hay harvest. Pastures and row-crops could use a rain. Temperatures remain in the 90’s for daytime highs. — John Wilson, Blount County

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