Arkansas Rice: Wonderful Harvest Weather, Early Plot Comparisons

    Rice harvest. ©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography


    This is the weather forecast dreams are made of. In the 80s and 90s with lows in the 60s as far as the eye can see.

    More importantly, every day is expected to be sunny or mostly sunny. These conditions will do a lot for our progress. Expect it to dry out rice that’s getting ready for harvest and to give later rice a potentially strong finish.

    We have the preliminary results of our March 21 planting date study in Table 1 (see at bottom of article) comparing the 2019 to the 2018 results. Generally, most cultivars are down slightly compared to the same planting date last year.

    Yes, these yield numbers are high, but we have seen them achieved at the field level. However, no, we do not expect to be able to manage fields to this level.

    The main goal here is looking at differences in performance and how they relate from one year to the next. Some noticeable up-and-down movement occurred from 2018 to 2019.

    In particular, we could say that a decline of 5-15 bu/acre occurs in the cultivars we have both years. This lines up well with yields reported from late March and early April planting dates.

    This week we’ll be harvesting the next planting dates both at Stuttgart and Pine Tree. Again, we should see what trends begin to emerge. We will also be harvesting other performance trials throughout the week.

    We’ll share preliminary data as it becomes available. I shouldn’t have to tell you twice – but do all you can do within this ten-day window. I don’t know what is beyond that window and right now I don’t want to know. At this time that “disturbance” in the Atlantic that shall not be named appears headed up the east coast. Get it drained, get it dried, get it cut!

    Rice Stink Bug Pressure Ongoing

    (From Nick Bateman, Extension Entomologist)

    A few quick reminders on rice stink bug management. If you have rice just reaching 60% hard dough and you’re over threshold – we want to spray and clean it up. If your field is already beyond 60% hard dough and some stink bugs start showing up, let it go at that point.

    For the later fields out there just heading, numbers are really spiking at this time so continue to scout and treat as needed.

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