Georgia Field Reports: Cotton Bolls Popping Open

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    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending August 18, 2019.

    County Comments

    Thad Glenn, Stephens County
    Forage crops and field corn were looking good in response to several showers received off and on throughout the week. Regular rainfall will be important as we hope to extend the grazing season into the fall for as long as possible. Working in the field was tough as heat indexes were over 100°F throughout much of the week. We hope for cooling temperatures as we begin to prepare for planting winter annuals.

    Cole Moon, Bleckley County
    Unfortunately, rain continued to avoid us for the most part. Corn harvest was still underway, and will be for the next few weeks. There were a lot of cotton bolls opening up as well, and operators will likely start to terminate irrigation on those fields very soon. There were some April planted dryland peanuts which will likely be dug up as soon as moisture is provided. Our non-irrigated peanut crop is not going to be very good this year. Yields will likely be low, and quality and grade will be poor as well.

    Seth McAllister, Terrell County
    Cotton bolls were popping open a lot this week, and some fields could be defoliated right now. Fortunately, for how hot and dry it has been, very little boll rot has been observed so far. That could change quickly if we get cloudy and wet. Dryland peanuts are almost wiped out in some fields due to lack of moisture. Irrigated corn yields have been very good. Dryland corn varied depending on which fields got rain during pollination.

    General Comments

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    According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Georgia, there were 6.1 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, August 18, 2019. Precipitation estimates for the state ranged from no rain to 5.3 inches. Average high temperatures ranged from the low 80s to the high 90s. Average low temperatures ranged from the mid 60s to the high 70s.

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