South Carolina Cotton: Focus On Stink Bugs Now

    Stink bug in cotton. Photo: Kate Harrell, County Extension Agent- Integrated Pest Management

    We have observed aphids crashing in most fields due to the naturally occurring fungus. Help came late from Mother Nature, but we will take it.

    Spider mites have increased quite a bit lately and have become more noticeable again with all of the hot, dry weather. So, don’t stop looking for spider mites.

    Plant bugs were sporadic during squaring and the first couple of weeks of bloom, but they did hit threshold in selected fields.

    All that clearly shows the importance scouting. Check every field and should not treat them all the same.

    Bollworm moths are still a no-show in my pheromone traps, but that might change soon.

    Clearly focus on stink bugs now. They appeared in cotton before the third week of bloom and will likely be a troublesome group of pests for the rest of the season. Many are in corn or coming out of it.

    Jay Crouch, Extension agent covering much of the upstate counties, reported that stink bug sprays are starting in cotton there. He added that adult kudzu bugs are showing up in soybeans in fairly high numbers “in spotty places.”

    Soybean Insects

    Kudzu bugs are still numerous in soybeans. Remember that the thresholds for kudzu bugs revolve around detection of reproduction in the field and the treatment objective is to break that reproductive cycle.

    Thankfully, kudzu bugs only have two generations per year. One or two generations can develop in soybeans, but control often can be accomplished with a single, well-timed pyrethroid application.

    Green cloverworms are now showing up, and they are usually the first major defoliating caterpillar to appear in the crop. Watch defoliation levels and be able to identify the species causing defoliation. Remember: insecticide choices depend on the offending species, especially if soybean loopers are the major culprit.

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