Virginia Cotton: Replace Leached Nitrogen Now

    Fertilizer application in cotton. ©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

    There seems to be a pretty good chance of getting some rain Friday night as a cold front rolls through bringing some comfortable temperatures for Saturday.  I think we have done a pretty good job getting a lot of work done over the last week or 10 days.

    • Of everything I can think about right now, I seem to be the most concerned about the fields that had all the nitrogen put out in front of those big rains two weeks ago. With big rains getting more than 3 inches at the time we will get some leaching on sand.
    • It’s not that I think we need to go over thousands of acres with extra nitrogen, and a lot of fields did not have it all out yet, but still, it is easy to get out in front of the problem in fields that have a history of leaching.
    • Plus it is cheaper and more effective to put on some granular now than foliar feed later.
    • It is too late to fix it after the symptoms show up on cotton that has been blooming for several weeks.
    • Now that we have pixed the big cotton, I am hoping for some rain to help this cotton start closing some middles.
    • I’m definitely in a more passive mode than I was a week ago, particularly in fields that have not gotten rain on fertilizer yet.
    • I’ll give you my thoughts about the insects during this period of early bloom which used to be a time to stay out of cotton with insecticides. The overriding question is “Has everything changed?”

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