Arkansas Rice: Plant Board – Advisory – Loyant Herbicide

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    The Arkansas State Plant Board (ASPB) Pesticide Committee has issued an additional advisory statement on Loyant herbicide.

    A few highlights include:

    • Soybeans are especially sensitive to drift from Loyant.
    • Do not apply when wind is blowing toward adjacent broadleaf plants, including soybean.
    • Do not apply under conditions of a low level air temperature inversion.
    • Do not tank mix with any pesticide product without first referring to the Loyant Tank Mix website found here.
    • Aerial applicators must use a minimum finished spray volume of 10 GPA.

    Aside from wha is included in the advisory, based on observations from drift events the “adjacent” field definition is still vague. A 1/2 mile downwind buffer may be more appropriate.

    By air that could be more like 1 mile.  As with everything involving drift, it all depends on the conditions. From the label:  “Do not apply under circumstances where spray drift may occur to food, forage, or other plantings” and “avoiding spray drift at the application site is the responsibility of the applicator.”

    So use your best judgement on making applications – and when not to make them.

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