North Carolina Field Reports: Dry Conditions Aid Planting, Stress Crops

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending May 20, 2018.

    Extension County Comments

    Mark Seitz/Tim Matthews – Pender County Extension
    Dry weather prevailed this week allowing farmers to finish planting corn. Soybean planting started on farms as corn planting finished this week. Temperatures in the 90s over the weekend depleted soil moisture quickly. Subsequently wheat is drying out quickly as we move toward early June. Blueberry harvest is underway in most places with early maturing varieties. Cold vegetable crops are just beginning to harvest this week.

    Georgia Love – Agronomist Region 5
    Dry weather conditions have taken a toll on the wheat crop during grain filling. Yields will be impacted. Much of the region is in need of rain soon. Planting of some crops is delayed due to poor moisture conditions.

    Taylor Williams – Moore County Extension
    Fruit crops gave us a scare due to early floral development and late freezes, but we have perhaps a 60% crop of peaches, and blueberries about the same. Strawberry season will be short due to late development and onset of hot weather recently.

    Don Nicholson – Agronomist Region 7
    Dry conditions are negatively affecting all crops, especially recently transplanted tobacco and small grains.

    Stephen Bishop – Cleveland SWCD
    Conditions have gotten dry over the last few weeks. The first cutting of hay is well under way, and some early soybeans are already being planted.

    Daniel Simpson – Pamlico County Extension
    Drying weather towards the end of the week help many to finish corn planting and start on soybeans.

    Cathy Herring Central Crops Research Station
    Extremely dry and hot conditions have hampered planting of cotton and soybeans this past week.

    AgFax Weed Solutions

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    Tim Britton – Johnston County Extension
    Rainfall has been hit or miss, this week.

    Mike Carroll – Craven & Carteret County Extension
    Craven- Warmer temperatures and lack of rainfall afforded opportunity for field work. Planting of corn and transplanting of tobacco almost complete. Limited soybean and cotton planted.
    Carteret- Isolated thunderstorms slowed planting progress in a few small areas but most producers made advancements due to favorable weather conditions.

    Mac Malloy – Robeson County Extension
    Some areas of the county received a small shower of rain last Thursday night. More rain is needed to increase topsoil moisture for good planting conditions. Lack of rainfall during grain fill will probably have a negative impact on what looked like a wheat crop with high yield potential. Nutrient issues are showing up in a few corn fields.

    Stanly Holloway – Yancey County Extension
    Weather conditions for the week were on the warm side for this time of year with highs mainly in the upper 70 to mid-80’s. Very little precipitation for the week, less than 0.25″ in most areas of the county, allowed good progress in planting vegetable crops and corn planting is getting started. Pastures and hay ground is really coming on with the warmer temps and in response to fertilization.

    Paul Westfall – Granville County Extension
    Italian ryegrass is showing up in several fields of wheat, otherwise the crop looks pretty good. Tobacco transplanting continued, with no problems reported so far other than being behind due to weather conditions earlier. Corn is up and looking OK so far. Soybean planting continued. Hay harvest continued with yields increasing but cool season grasses are headed out and the crop is maturing fast.

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