Texas: Lower Rio Grande Sorghum – No Sugarcane Aphids, Watch for Stink Bugs

    Image from Texas AgriLife Extension

    In grain sorghum it has been a pretty calm week. Still not finding many sugarcane aphids since the population crash this past week and really did not pick up on any when out scouting this week at all.

    Did however notice some heavy rice stink bug infestations in Cameron county and only a few in Willacy county, I saw lots of adults and nymphs along the coast in the Rio Hondo area so you might need to treat for them.

    When out scouting I did not seem to pick up on any headworm issues so that was good.

    What I did see was a lot of grain sorghum fields maturing quickly turning orange in color getting close to harvest and some fields were being sprayed with glyphosate. I hope that we will be ahead of the sugarcane aphid when it comes time to harvest pretty quick here. We might see another peak in population but time will tell and I will keep you posted.

    What I did notice was there was a lot of parasitism going on in the sorghum when I did come across a leaf that had aphids that were dead.

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