Spraying Record Smashed In Australia – 6,518 Acres In 24-Hour Stretch

    An Amfac Condor Endurance Sprayer similar to the one that broke the records.

    An Australian farming operation has broken the record for the most acres covered by a self-propelled sprayer in both a 24-hour period and in a single hour, according report on the British website Farmers Weekly.

    In all, the machine:

    • Covered a total of 6,518-plus acres in 24 hours. That’s more than 10 square miles.
    • Sprayed nearly 372 acres in its best hour during the period.
    • Averaged 271 acres per hour in the record-breaking run.

    The farming operation is located in the state of Western Australia and is owned by the Mason family – Karolyn, Tony and Brendan.

    The records were broken early this month with a fully equipped 48m Agrifac Condor Endurance sprayer. The acreage was in 2 blocks with a total of 15 fields between the tracts. The fields included an assortment of the usual rural obstacles, including trees and power lines.

    As the article noted: “The record is even more special when you take into account that the fields were not all smooth going and of a regular shape, says Mark Slater, who drove the sprayer and runs the Agrifac business in Australia.”

    To read the full article and to see a selection of images, click here.

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