Sweet Potatoes: Domestic Consumption and Exports are Up

    Sweet potato harvest. Photo: Mississippi State University

    Domestic consumption of sweet potatoes has grown considerably since 2000 with annual per capita availability (a proxy for consumption) rising from 4.2 pounds to reach a record-high 7.5 pounds in 2015. The marked rise in domestic demand has been encouraged by promotion of the health benefits of sweet potatoes – rich in vitamins A and C, high in fiber. Expanded demand has also been supported by the increasing variety of sweet potato products available in restaurants and for home preparation.

    To meet rising demand, sweet potato production has increased substantially in recent years, achieving a record-high production of 3.1 billion pounds in 2015. The 2015 harvest was a high-water mark in a 15-year trend of expansion that began in 2000 when U.S. production was just 1.3 billion pounds. In 2014 and 2015, sweet potato production increased by an average of about six percent per year.

    New crop production hit a slight snag in early October of 2016, when Hurricane Matthew arrived in North Carolina. The storm brought record flooding to many areas of the State, which is the largest U.S. producer of sweet potatoes. Although some loss was inevitable, greater damage was avoided with much of the crop having already been harvested when the hurricane hit.

    Beyond U.S. borders, consumers are increasingly enjoying sweet potatoes and, like North Carolina, several of the other key growing States enjoy access to southern ports that provide a locational advantage for meeting export demand. With expanded sales to markets that include Canada and the United Kingdom, aggregate U.S. exports have steadily risen in recent years in parallel with climbing domestic demand.

    In 2015, U.S. sweet potato exports reached a record-high 409 million pounds and exports for 2016 are poised to reach approximately the same level. Both internationally and here in the U.S., sweet potatoes are increasingly becoming a colorful addition to holiday-and everyday-dining tables.

    To find out more, follow market analysis and outlook on vegetables and other commodities on the ERS website.

    U.S. sweet potato production and per capita availability on the rise chart

    Click image to enlarge.

    Consumers are finding new ways to enjoy this tasty tuber-the sweet potato.

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