Tennessee: Mostly Dry Weather Brings Sigh of Relief – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending November 29, 2015.

    County Agent Comments

    Jeff Via, Fayette County
    The farmers in Fayette County dealt with wet conditions this week. They had 1 day they could do field work and the rains and wet conditions kept them out of the field for the rest of the week. They have maybe 25 percent of the crop to harvest/plant.

    Walter Battle, Haywood County
    County received 4+ inches of rain which halted all harvest activity for five days. Rains did improve pasture conditions.

    Jeff Lannom, Weakley County
    Heavy rain and high winds occurred county-wide early in the week. Rainfall amounts of 3 to over 4 inches were reported in many locations. A very small remnant of soybeans remain to be harvested and the harvest should be completed by Thanksgiving.

    Larry Moorehead, Moore County
    We had a good rain on Wednesday, but had a good weekend and the first of the week to harvest. We lack a few beans and have more wheat to get in the ground.

    A. Ruth Correll, Wilson County
    Rain & wet conditions continue to prevent the final soybeans from being harvested. Grass pastures look good but some hay is being fed. Weather has also impacted planting wheat.

    Ed Burns, Franklin County
    Windy, dry conditions to start the week allowed combines, pickers, and planters to run at will. Producers took full advantage to catch up on bean and cotton harvest and wheat planting. Rain on Wednesday produced from 1.2 to 1.4 inches of rain. Limited activity resumed at weeks’ end, but were short lived as scattered showers moved back in Saturday evening.

    John Goddard, Loudon County
    Good harvest weather Monday and Tuesday. 1.5 inches of rain on Wednesday stopped soybean harvest. Three (3) hard frosts this week has hammered Johnson grass. Beef producers feeding hay regularly now.

    General Comments

    A period of dry weather last week enabled the majority of Tennessee’s producers to complete harvest of soybeans and cotton, as well as seed the 2016 wheat crop. Cattle are in good condition and wheat emergence is progressing well, greatly aided by the same rains that slowed growers’ progress in harvesting their crops. There were 4.4 days suitable for field work. Topsoil moisture was 3 percent short, 60 percent adequate and 37 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture levels were 1 percent very short, 6 percent short, 72 percent adequate, and 21 percent surplus.

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