Indiana: Harvest Now in Full Swing – USDA

    Crop progress and conditions for the week ending Sept. 27, 2015.

    Corn and soybean harvest were in full swing after a week of dry weather, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Region. Although some parts of the state received more than 3 inches the previous week, the ground had dried enough to allow combines to come out on Monday and work almost non-stop.

    Temperatures last week were generally in the upper 70s with sunny skies, making field conditions ideal for drying down crops. There were 6.6 days suitable for fieldwork, 0.8 days greater than last week.

    Last week’s dry hot weather caused crops to mature and dry at a fast pace. Many farmers took advantage of the long stretch of nicer weather to begin or continue harvesting. Soybean yields were reported at both ends of the spectrum. Some farmers reported soybean yields to be better than anticipated, but on average still below normal.

    Corn yields were also reported as lower than normal. Corn harvest for silage continued. There were reports of high variability in corn moisture content, with some producers reporting moisture well above 20 percent. Some winter wheat, as well as some cover crops, were seeded in recently harvested fields. Livestock were reported to be in good shape. Other activities for the week included making dry hay and harvest of processing tomatoes and cucumbers.

    Regionally, soybeans dropping leaves was 81% complete in the North, 81% in Central, and 81% in the South. Soybeans harvested was 18% complete in the North, 26% in Central, and 22% in the South. Soybeans rated in good to excellent condition was 46% in the North, 48% in Central, and 48% in the South.

    By region, corn matured was 66% in the North, 68% in Central, and 82% in the South. Corn harvested for grain was 12% complete in the North, 14% in Central, and 40% in the South. Corn rated in good to excellent condition was 40% in the North, 48% in Central, and 57% in the South

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