Grain News: China Buys U.S. Soybeans; Organic Corn Beer – AgFax

    Chinese Officials in Iowa to Buy Soybeans

    O. Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa reports that the U.S. Soybean Export Council was in Iowa on Thursday to hold a ceremony with Chinese officials marking a large sale to the country. “This is to show, put that face of the farmer (forward) and so that the customers know that we care about their purchases and we care about what we’re growing,” said Laura Foell, chairman of the Export Council.

    Over 60% of U.S. grown soybeans are exported, with China the top buyer of U.S. soy products. However, Foell also notes that it is dangerous to rely solely on Chinese demand for U.S. exports. Pakistan and Bangladesh are key growth areas for the U.S. soybean industry, as well expanding existing markets in Europe and other Asian countries.

    Local, Organic Corn Beer

    Conor Morris reports for The Athens News that a new micro-brewery in Athens, Ohio, released a new beer made from locally grown organic corn. The Shagbark Pilsner is made using 20% organic corn from Shagbark Seed & Mill and 80% organic barley. One of the co-owners of Little Fish Brewery that helped develop the beer describes it as a “crisp, hoppy, ‘pre-Prohibition pilsner.'” While many American macro-breweries continue to use six-row barley with a percentage of corn to reduce the husky flavor, most of them have been watered down to reach their current flavor. This new beer goes back to the original German heritage used by brewers before Prohibition.

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