Mississippi: Dry Weather Speeds Along Harvest – USDA

    Soybean harvest. ©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 6, 2015.

    Comments from Cooperative Extension Service County Agents

    Terry “Skip” Glidewell, Prentiss County
    “Another dry week. Great for any spray applications and hay harvest. However, it is becoming too dry. All crops continue to progress nicely.”

    Preston Aust, Humphreys County
    “We are extremely dry. Harvest is moving right along. Corn harvest is complete and we are currently about half way with soybeans. Bolls are beginning to open up pretty good in the cotton with some of the early planted acres being defoliated.”

    Tracy Robertson, Carroll County
    “Most farmers in the delta have harvested all soybeans and corn. The farmers in the hills are still defoliating soybeans and beginning harvest. Cotton blooms are also still being seen throughout the hills. Some parts of the country did receive some rain over the weekend while others are still in desperate need of rain.”

    Dr. Dennis Reginelli, Noxubee County
    “Great week of corn harvest. We are applying lime on the fields and are preparing for fall tillage. Our late planted soybeans look really good with our early maturing varieties starting to drop leaves. Cotton defoliation started and we should have more fields being defoliated this week. Worms have been bad in hay fields and sprays applied on most fields.”

    Randall “Randy” McKey, Amite County
    “The weather for this past week has been hot and dry. A few deep water wells have been installed for livestock water troughs. Soybeans are getting close to being harvested.”

    General Comments

    According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Mississippi, there were 6.6 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, September 6, 2015. Topsoil moisture supplies were 24 percent very short, 43 percent short, 30 percent adequate, and 3 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were 23 percent very short, 41 percent short, 31 percent adequate, and 5 percent surplus.

    Low temperatures ranged from 65.0 degrees Fahrenheit at Ashland to 73.7 degrees Fahrenheit at Yazoo City. Highs ranged from 86.6 degrees Fahrenheit at Fulton to 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit at Monticello. Most of the state received very little rain with the coastal part of the state receiving the most at an average of 0.27 inches.

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