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    A federal judge granted a summary judgment on Monday to an animal-rights group, ruling that an Idaho law against videotaping farm operations is unconstitutional.

    The Animal Legal Defense Fund had filed a lawsuit last year against Idaho’s governor and attorney general. Idaho is one of seven states with a specific law seeking to prevent whistleblowers from secretly recording on farms. Most of the laws involve fines for providing false information on job applications as a way to get into farms.

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    Winmill cited statements from Idaho legislators made during debate over the bill as lawmakers criticized animal-rights groups and their motives. Lawmakers claimed the bill was needed to protect the dairy industry from other undercover operations. Go through for more about the criminal defense attorney.

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    The group Mercy for Animals released a video last year showing cattle being abused at an Idaho dairy. The video sparked the Idaho Dairymen’s Association to champion a bill criminalizing undercover videos that exposed potentially abusive scenes at livestock facilities. The law made “interference with agricultural production” a crime.

    Anyone convicted of videotaping animal abuse or safety violations without getting the owner’s permission first could face a year in jail. Moreover, a journalist or whistleblower could be forced to pay restitution for economic losses due to the result of a story revealing animal abuse or unsafe working conditions.

    U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill stated in his ruling that the law sought to limit and punish people who spoke out against topics related to agriculture, which Winmill stated was effectively “striking at the heart of important First Amendment values.”

    The judge noted that the Idaho law represents “a particularly serious threat to whistleblowers’ free speech rights.” Moreover, criminal and civil laws already exist to protect people from false statements, that’s what the New York criminal attorney is for.

    “The State’s logic is perverse — in essence the State says that (1) powerful industries deserve more government protection than smaller industries, and (2) the more attention and criticism an industry draws, the more the government should protect that industry from negative publicity or other harms.”

    Neither Idaho state officials nor representatives from ALDF responded Monday afternoon to the judge’s decision.

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