Arkansas: Most Crops Progressing Well, Some Lower Ends Flooded – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending July 12, 2015.

    Comments from Cooperative Extension Service County Agents

    Joe Moore, Sharp County
    “Melon harvest is underway. Fly control on cattle, spraying weeds and brush, and harvesting hay.”

    Branon Thiesse, Craighead County
    “Cotton being treated for plant bugs. Lower ends of some soybean fields went under water due to heavy rains.”

    Allen Davis, Greene County
    “Corn is in the blister stage and milo is beginning to head. Early soybeans are beginning to set pods, and early rice is at boot. Heavy rains last weekend made it too wet on the bottom of some fields, but help delay irrigation for most crops.”

    Brent Griffin, Prairie County
    “Irrigation increased for all crops during the week. Heading rice was being scouted for rice stinkbug. Corn was denting with starch layer developing. Sorghum was beginning to show color. Cotton was nearing early bloom. First hay cutting complete.”

    Mitch Crow, Saint Francis County
    “Southern rust was found in St. Francis County last week. Likely our later planted corn will receive a fungicide. Southwestern corn borer moth flight is underway. Our non-Bt, or refugee corn, will need insecticide soon. Early planted corn is denting and will soon receive its last irrigation. All crops that can be irrigated are. Plant bugs are the main insect we’re seeing now in cotton. No report of sugarcane aphid yet.”

    John Gavin, Bradley County
    “Tomato harvest slowing down.”

    General Comments

    According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Arkansas, there were 4.7 day suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, July 12, 2015. Topsoil moisture supplies were 0 percent very short, 19 percent short, 60 percent adequate, and 21 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies were 1 percent very short, 11 percent short, 71 percent adequate, and 17 percent surplus.

    Low temperatures ranged from 66.0 degrees Fahrenheit at Kingston to 74.8 degrees Fahrenheit at Keiser. Highs ranged from 79.7 degrees Fahrenheit at Winslow to 92.4 degrees Fahrenheit at Searcy. The precipitation for the week was spread throughout the state, with the highest concentration in the northwest region of the state with an average 3.07 inches.

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