Kentucky Soybeans: Yield Contest Includes A BIG Surprise

    The 2014 University of Kentucky Extension Soybean Yield Contest winners are in (Table 1)!  There are 13 awards: State Champion (highest yield entry regardless of production practices), first and second place for Full-Season soybeans (Division I), first and second place for Double-Crop soybeans (Division II), highest yield for 4 Areas, first and second place for highest Oil content and first and second place for highest Protein content.

    In 2014 we had the highest yield ever reported in the Soybean Yield Contest by White Farms in Union County with a yield of 98.26 bu/A.  First place for full-season soybeans was 95.10 bu/A reported by Clements Bros in Union County.

    Second place for full-season soybeans was 95.01 bu/A reported by Gerry Hayden in McLean County.  The highest double-crop soybean yield was 69.09 bu/A at Woolf Farm in Graves County.  Second place for double-crop soybeans was in McLean County on Miller Farms, 68.86 bu/A.

    The Area 1 winner was Griffith Farms in Graves County with a yield of 66.75 bu/A for double-crop soybeans.  Area 2 had a yield of 94.22 bu/A for full-season soybeans on Waller Bros Farms in Union County.  Area 4 had a yield of 68.66 bu/A for full-season soybeans by Andy Alford in Edmonson County.  The Area 6 winner was Chris Pierce Farms in Pulaski County with 89.86 bu/A for full-season soybeans.

    The entry with the highest oil percentage was submitted by PPJ Thompson Farms in Daviess County.  The oil content was 21.00%.  The runner up for oil content was 20.87% submitted by Meredith Farms in Henderson County.

    In 2014 we also broke the record for highest protein content.  The entry with the highest protein content was 38.12% submitted by Meadows Farms in Lewis County.  The second highest entry for protein content was 37.89% submitted by Curtis “Skipper” Todd in Casey County.  The highest reported protein content was in 2007 with protein of 37.39%.

    Awards will be presented at the 2015 Kentucky Commodity Classic on January 16, 2015 in Bowling Green, KY.  The Soybean Yield Contest and awards are sponsored by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, Kentucky Soybean Association, and supporting agribusinesses.

    Summary of 2014 Soybean Yield Contest Winners and Varieties.  

    State Champion County Area Division Yield Brand Variety
    White Farms Union 2 I 98.26 Dyno-Gro 37RY33
    Division I (Full Season) Winners County Area Division Yield Brand Variety
    Clements Bros Union 2 I 95.10 Pioneer 35T58R
    Gerry Hayden McLean 2 I 95.01 Pioneer 94Y23
    Division II (Double Crop) Winners County Area Division Yield Brand Variety
    Woolf Farm Graves 1 II 69.09 Pioneer 49T97R
    Jonathan Miller McLean 2 II 68.86 Stewart 4512R2
    District Winners County Area Division Yield Brand Variety
    Griffith Farms Graves 1 II 66.75 Asgrow 4532
    Waller Bros Union 2 I 94.22 Dyno-Gro 35RY83
    No Entries 3
    Andy Alford Edmonson 4 I 68.65 Pioneer 46T21
    No Entries 5
    Chris Pierce Pulaski 6 I 89.86 Southern States 3813R2
    Quality-Protein County Area Division Percent Brand Variety
    Matt and Jim Meadows (Lewis 05) Lewis 6 Protein 38.12 Stewart 4113RR2Y
    Curtis “Skipper” Todd Casey 6 Protein 37.89 Caverndale CF486RR2Y/STSn
    Quality-Oil County Area Division Percent Brand Variety
    PPJ Thompson Farms Daviess 2 Oil 21.00 Pioneer 46T21
    Meredith Farms Henderson 2 Oil 20.87 Pioneer 35T58R

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