Kentucky Corn: Hybrid Performance Test Available

    The 2014 University of Kentucky Hybrid Corn Performance Test is available online.

    Hybrids are submitted by seed companies and grouped into one of four classes: Early (less than 112 days); Medium (112 to 115 days); Late (greater than 115 days); or White Corn tests. Tests were established at six locations and the summary of hybrid performance across all locations is still the best indicator of hybrid performance for next year.

    Until we can accurately predict weather for 12 months (including how much it will rain each day and maximum daily temperature), grouping hybrid performance across several environments is our best method to predict future performance.

    We know everyone enjoys looking at data from each site, so tables are included for that as well.

    Visit the Corn Hybrid Testing Website for more information about the tests. Printed copies should be in your county extension offices.

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