Pennsylvania: Harvest Wraps Up – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending November 23, 2014.

    Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

    ADAMS County, Judy A. Behney
    Adams County started the week in the 30’s on Monday then Tuesday was 18 morning and 20’s daytime and windy. Wednesday was 18 morning and 32 daytime with some sun to help warm temperatures. Thursday morning was 33 and some snow flurries in the county but no accumulation. Today was 26 morning temperature with sunny, blue skies.

    The windy days this week helped to dry the corn down for harvest. Corn and soybeans continue to be harvested in the county. Many acres were harvested this week with nice weather even though it was cold. There is still double-cropped soybeans and some corn to be harvested in the county but producers are pushing to get done because future weather conditions can change things quickly for harvest. Some areas of the county where rainfall lacked this summer where neighbors were getting the rains are having lower yields for corn and soybeans.

    Most producers in the county are saying that they had normal or better yields for corn and soybeans. Wheat, barley, and other small grains and forage crops seeded this fall are looking pretty good. Some wheat was still being planted here this past week. Apple harvest is complete in the county with most stating decent yields. Other vegetables are finished unless under a high tunnel. Overall the producers are thankful for this growing and harvest that we have had this year. Once they are finished harvest they are kept busy cleaning up and making repairs on equipment so it’s ready for next year.

    ADAMS County, Lee Showalter
    Apple harvest is over. Last report

    ADAMS/FRANKLIN County, Thomas Kerr
    Week was good for spreading manure, harvesting soybeans and corn for grain as well as baling corn stalks. All fruit is finished and reported to be largest crop in years for most growers. Weather was much colder than normal, bout no moisture.

    CENTRE County, Dick A. Decker
    Cold all week, but field work continued with equipment fitted with heated operator enclosures.

    Lots of snow in the Warren County, cold temps, and rain slow crop harvesting. Hearing a lot of test weights from grain corn between 48 to 56 pounds and still high moisture.

    COLUMBIA County, John O Yocum
    Soybean remaining to be harvested are double crop beans.

    JUNIATA/SNYDER County, William C. Sheaffer
    The corn and soybean harvest is near completion. The main activities for the week were harvesting, spreading manure, and chopping corn stalks.

    LANCASTER County, Jeff Graybill
    There is still a fair amount of corn standing. just did not dry down well this year. Lodging may become a problem with periods of rain and wind.

    MERCER County, Jim Rust
    Due to the existing weather conditions soybean harvesting came to a halt. Corn yields are for the majority of acres are on the low side with grain moisture somewhat high. Unsettled weather will continue this week.

    POTTER County, Nicole L. Santangelo
    Ground was snow covered later part of the week and soil surface began to freeze.

    WESTMORELAND County, Thomas Sierzega
    Bitter cold earlier in the week with some light snow. Above average temperatures with some light rain later in the week. Corn and soybean harvest continues.

    Good Week for Field Work: Pennsylvania had an average of 4.0 days suitable for field work last week. Most corn and soybean harvests have finished but some high moisture crops linger. Unstable weather conditions are expected this week with unseasonably warm temperatures as high as the low 70s on Monday but quickly dipping into the 30s and 40s by Wednesday with some potential snow.

    Expected field activities for the week are spreading manure, chopping corn stalks and harvesting the remainder of corn and soybeans.

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