North Carolina: Soybean Harvest Reaches 41%, Cotton at 65% – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending November 9, 2014.

    A cold front is moving in this week and tobacco growers are finishing up planting small grains in their crop rotation plan. Farmers are getting ready for winter equipment repairs and maintenance. Strawberry growers are getting ready to apply row covers on plastic culture planted fields for the winter. Outdoor activity on the farms are coming to a close end for the season and deer hunting will be the only outdoor activity as well as cutting fire wood.
    –Joey Knight – Caswell County Extension

    Great weather for harvest continues, cotton yields better than expected, soybean yields still great, especially considering drought
    –Steve Gibson – Catawba County Extension

    Tobacco harvest is finally over, mostly due to the frost earlier last week. Fields in low spots received the most damage. Harvest of other crops is progressing well.
    –Don Nicholson – Agronomist Region 7

    Livestock farmers are feeding hay as pastures are being consumed due to dry weather in many areas not allowing for stockpiling fescue to the extent desired. Farmers are harvesting soybeans as quickly as possible. They report that varieties that have previously stood in the field are shattering this year as the combine cutter bar goes through the field.
    –Carl Pless – Cabarrus County Extension

    Minimal rainfall has occurred which has allowed for excellent conditions for harvesting of soybeans and cotton as well as cabbage. Some rain would be beneficial to the emergence of wheat, which is being planted in these conditions. With ideal conditions at planting, more wheat may get planted by farmers than they had originally planned.
    –Al Wood – Pasquotank County Extension

    Soybean harvest picked up this week with drier, warmer weather. Farmers are reporting 35-55 bushel yields. A small amount of winter wheat is being planted for rotation purposes but commodity prices are making them hesitate, hoping for better corn & soybean prices in 2015.
    –Marl Seitz – Pender County Extension

    GENERAL: Days suitable for field work 6.0. Topsoil moisture 2% very short, 23% short, 72% adequate and 3% surplus. Subsoil moisture 1% very short, 18% short, 78% adequate and 3% surplus. The state received very little rainfall this week with temperatures dropping below normal. Some areas are reporting abnormally dry conditions. Reported crop progress data for the week showed soybeans leaf drop at 96% and harvest at 41%. Cotton harvested at 65%, burley tobacco harvested is at 95%, sweet potato harvest is at 90% and peanut harvest is reported at 86%. Small grain planting continued to progress with barley reported at 70%, wheat at 51% and oats planted at 53%.

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