Georgia Pecans: Good Buying Interest, Trade Improving

    Temperatures this weekend and next week will vary from lows of mid 30s and 40s to highs of low 50s to low 70s with some precipitation expected by next Wednesday and Thursday, November 12 thru 13, 2014.

    Buying interest is active for export quality pecans and for very good quality smaller mid-sized pecans. For wholesale and gift pack use trading is getting stronger as the holiday sales season approaches. Many growers have opted to sell their pecans on contract this year. Some large lots of Desirables came onto the market this week as well as some Blends and a few smaller lots of

    Prices for lots under 20,000 pounds of blends mostly with Moneymakers sold in a range of about $3.07-3.41 per point. For large lots over 20,000 pounds Stuart blends sold in a range of about $3.50-4.00 per point with nut counts in the low 80s per unit. For Stuart blends with nut counts of 50-60 per unit sales ranged from $4.95-5.25 per point, occasional higher.

    Prices paid to growers (late afternoon Thursday, November 4, 2014 thru late afternoon Thursday, November 6, 2014) at buyers delivery point or F.O.B. the orchard including direct sales to end users, cents per pound in-shell of generally good quality in lots of 20,000 pounds or less unless otherwise stated.

    • Elliott 50-52% meat yield 200-221
    • Moneymaker (deliveries insufficient to establish market)
    • Seedlings (deliveries very light) for large lots over 5,000 pounds 80-90, yard tree lots 60-75
    • Stuart (deliveries very light) 49-51.5% meat yield 155-164, yard tree lots 100-150 mostly 125 occasional higher

    Lots in excess of 20,000 pounds including trailer load lots:

    • Cape Fear (deliveries insufficient to establish market)
    • Desirables (deliveries very light) export quality 48-54% meat yield 290-305 mostly 295-300
    • Pawnee (deliveries insufficient to establish market)
    • Stuart (deliveries very light) export quality 45-48% meat yield 240-257 mostly 240-245

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