Pennsylvania: Harvest Moves Along, Mid-Week Rains Expected – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending November 2, 2014.

    Pennsylvania had an average of 5.0 days suitable for field work last week.

    Favorable weather earlier in the week provided good opportunities for cutting hay and harvesting late soybeans. Corn moisture is still being reported by some as too high and therefore delaying grain harvests. Apples and potato harvests, as well as the remainder of hay cuttings, have nearly finished. Reports of killer frost and even snow in some counties over the weekend. Temperatures this week may follow a similar pattern as the week prior, with Tuesday expected to be in the high 60s but followed by temperatures dropping into the mid 40s by the week. Rains likely this Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Expected field activities include harvesting and planting.


    Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

    ADAMS County, Judy A. Behney
    Adams County started the week out Monday with 35 and frosty conditions. Then sunny and low 70’s. Tuesday was 63 morning temperature and nice and sunny and warmed to 83 degrees. Wednesday morning was 63 degres and cloudy. Rain showers started mid morning and off and on all day but not much accumulation. Thursday was 50 degrees and sunny blue sky and then late afternoon got cloudy but was in the 60’s. Today it started around 48 and by mid morning only 50 and cloudy. Suppose to have rain showers late tonight and then colder temperatures over the weekend.

    Corn and soybeans continue to be harvested as they are ready and field conditions permit. A lot of producers worked long hours on Tuesday as weather was perfect for harvesting before some rain on Wednesday. Some corn and soybeans planted later are still maturing. Corn isn’t drying down as fast as producers would like it too. Good yields are being reported for both corn and soybeans. Hay making has slowed considerably but some still making some. Some more wheat was also planted early week as conditions permitted but the rain showers on Wednesday halted temporarily.

    Wheat and new seedings of hay that were planted earlier look a nice stand has been established. Apple harvest continues in the county with some producers finishing up this week and some will finish next week but there are others that will have a few more weeks due to shortage of workers. Good yields are being reported also for this year. Majority of the vegetables are done now. Pumpkins were reported as having a bumper crop this year in the county and some being left in the fields. Some producers still have vegetables available from their high tunnels systems they have built the last few years.

    Overall the producers are keeping busy with fieldwork and hoping they can harvest their crops before the weather changes too much to add to a delay in harvesting. Producers are reminded to visit their FSA offices to report their 2015 crops.

    ADAMS/FRANKLIN County, Thomas Kerr
    Couple of really nice days allowed for final cutting of alfalfa to be made. Corn grain is now around 17% and soybeans are better than half off by now.

    CENTRE County, Dick A. Decker
    Good week for field work. Soybean harvest completed and corn harvest has started. Less than 1/16 inch of rainfall for the week.

    Spraying fields for spring crops. Harvesting of shelled corn and soybeans.

    COLUMBIA County, John O. Yocum
    Some corn grain moisture remaining high slowing harvest.

    JUNIATA/SNYDER County, William C. Sheaffer
    Weather conditions slowed the harvesting of corn and soybeans. Fall seeding of wheat and barley as well as cover crops are looking good. Main activities for the week were harvesting and planting.

    LANCASTER County, Jeff Graybill
    Despite high winds over the weekend, corn remaining in the field is standing fairly well. Corn is finally dry in the field and harvest should start to wind down this week. Small grains are well established, seeing a lot of wheat planted this fall. A lot of late soybeans are still waiting to be harvest as well.

    LEBANON County, Charlene Ziegler
    Soybeans continue to be harvested. Corn is testing at higher moisture than desired and harvest is slow. Cover crop seeding continues as fields are harvested. A good week for emptying manure pits and spreading the contents.

    MERCER County, Jim Rust
    Field corn has been slow to dry down in the field. Field corn that was replanted in May is being harvested with lower yields. Area feeder cattle have been sold in October at record prices.

    POTTER County, Nicole L. Santangelo
    It snowed this weekend with hard frost and freezing temps.

    SOMERSET County, Dale Kriner
    The harvest of corn grain and soybeans is picking up speed. We had a bit of snow over the weekend and 25 degrees this morning, it looks like winter is on our doorstep. I saw a long range forecast that is predicting 118 inches of snow in Somerset this winter. Of course, long range forecasts and $2 will get you a cup of coffee.

    WESTMORELAND County, Thomas Sierzega
    Cool weather setting in. First killing frost of the season. Corn and bean harvest progressing. Extremely dry. Could use some rain.

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