AgFax Grain Review: Diseases Developing Fungicide Resistance; Positive Outlook for Soybeans


    • reports that Bunge predicts a positive outlook for soybean crushing margins in North and South America, claiming “the economics in soy are going to be favourable, extending as far into 2015 as we can see at the moment.” Strong meal demand from domestic livestock feeders continues to provide strong fundamental backing, while the U.S. has been providing the cheapest origin for meal exports for the global market for the past several months. Potential supply disruptions from continued rail delays are also seen as benefiting prices.


    • A release from the United Soybean Board on reports that many common soybean diseases are beginning to show development of fungicide resistance. Growers are urged to take steps to slow down resistance development by identifying diseases before spraying a foliar fungicide to choose which product to use and implementing best management practices such as targeting diseases that repeatedly appear in a given field, choosing resistant varieties, and employing a proper crop rotation.
    • John Sawyer of Iowa State University reports on that recommended nitrogen rates for corn are based partially on the relationship between corn prices and fertilizer prices, and that with the current fluctuations in the grain market it is important to take these factors into account to determine the greatest economic benefit to the grower. Sawyer also provides directions to the Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator, an online tool to help Iowa corn farmers determine the best recommended rate for their fields.
    • Ty Higgins reports on the Ohio Country Journal that a recent e-mail exchange made him aware of the “Fall 1964 100 Bushel Corn Club,” a group of Ohio farmers trying to reach 100 bushel per acre corn 50 years ago. The club left a list of spreadsheets showing hybrids used, field sizes, plowing dates, planting dates, fertilizers and herbicides used, and crop rotations. Higgins provides all the spreadsheets from the club, noting “It is a part of Ohio agricultural history and shows how far we have come, but also how getting back to the basics (see herbicide column) may be an answer to many questions and concerns as of late.”
    • Matt Reese reports for the Ohio Country Journal that soybean cyst nematodes continue to spread and erode soybean yields, with the pests expanding from Ohio’s western borders to the eastern ones. Populations are also exploding in the state, with some fields showing 18,000-25,000 eggs per cup of soil from soil sampling. 25-50% yield loss can occur with 1500 eggs per cup of soil. To make matters worse, the devious little pests have begun to show adaptability to resistant soybean varieties, requiring the development of new control strategies.
    • Nat Williams reports for AgriNews that sudden death syndrome has been a much bigger problem for soybeans in Illinois this year than usual. A University of Illinois plant pathologist noted that “It was probably worse this year than I’ve seen in at least five years. It wasn’t severe in every field, but it was a lot more common to find this year.” The disease favors cool, wet soils after planting, making earlier planted fields more susceptible. However conditions this year were such that even some double-cropped fields have been hammered by the disease. The western portion of the state was worst hit, with contamination more variable in other parts of the state.
    • A DuPont Pioneer release on reports that Perdue AgriBusiness will be more than doubling contracted acreage for high oleic soybeans next season. Soybean growers in New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania will be contracted to grow 60,000 acres of Pioneer’s Plenish high oleic soybeans. “In addition to helping to launch an important new technology that will expand the market for soybean oil, growers will be eligible for a Perdue-paid incentive for producing and delivering Plenish high oleic soybeans.”

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