Colorado: Rains Help Wheat Germination, Hinder Harvest – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending October 12, 2014.

    Agricultural Summary: Dry conditions prevailed in the northeastern district while precipitation events were reported elsewhere. Precipitation received throughout the east central and southeastern districts created ideal conditions for germination of winter wheat. Harvest activities in the San Luis Valley were bogged down following precipitation events towards the latter half of last week. Reporters indicated some localities in western Colorado have yet to receive a hard freeze which is delaying harvest activities for some late season crops in those areas. Statewide, farmers were allowed 5.5 days in the field for operations.

    Small Grains: Harvesting activities for spring wheat were virtually complete by week’s end. Winter wheat seeding was virtually complete while 70 percent had emerged, up from 55 percent previously.

    Row Crops: Corn was estimated at 81 percent mature and 14 percent harvested, behind 88 and 32 percent on average, respectively. Virtually all of the corn intended for silage was harvested last week. Dry beans were 93 percent cut while 64 percent has been harvested, behind respective averages of 95 and 79 percent. Onions were 78 percent harvested, behind the average of 88 percent. San Luis Valley potatoes were 79 percent harvested, up from 63 percent previously.

    Virtually all sorghum was coloring, 61 percent was mature, and 13 percent was harvested. On average, sorghum is 71 percent mature and 15 percent harvested by now. The harvest of sugarbeets gained 10 percentage points last week, ending with 46 percent complete. On average, sugarbeets are 36 percent harvested by this time. The sunflower crop was 4 percent harvested by week’s end, behind 34 percent on average.

    Pasture and Range: Pasture and range conditions were rated 67 percent fair to good across the State. Typically, 57 percent is fair to good on average. The third cutting of alfalfa was virtually complete as of last week. The fourth cutting of alfalfa was 56 percent complete, up from 34 percent a week earlier. On average, the fourth cutting is 57 percent complete.

    Livestock: Death losses for cattle and sheep remained mostly average to light. Stored feed supplies were rated 5 percent very short, 10 percent short, 73 percent adequate, and 12 percent surplus. Last week, stored feed supplies were rated 5 percent very short, 11 percent short, 72 percent adequate, and 12 percent surplus.

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