North Carolina: Corn Harvest Over 60% Complete – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending September 21, 2014.

    GENERAL: Days suitable for field work 5.8. Topsoil moisture 2% very short, 12% short, 74% adequate and 12% surplus. Subsoil moisture 1% very short, 12% short, 76% adequate and 11% surplus. Some areas of the state received showers but amounts were minimal and average temperatures were again within the normal range.

    Reported crop progress data for the week showed soybeans setting pods at 93% and leaf drop at 27%. Cotton bolls opening jumped to 63%. Reports for corn showed mature at 95%, harvested for grain at 64% and harvested for silage at 75%. Flue-cured tobacco harvest made progress and moved up to 74% while Burley harvested is at 49% which remained behind the previous year and the 5 year averages. Sweet potato harvest is at 35%, apple harvest is at 66% and the third cutting of hay is reported at 70%.

    Field activities were delayed the first part of the week due to wet conditions in parts of the county. Corn and tobacco harvest continue with growers struggling to get the crop out of the field. Some peanuts have been dug but maturity from a pod blast clinic last Friday showed many fields need another 10-14 days. Some cotton has been defoliated with anticipation of more as fields dry out. One report of soybeans sprouting in the pods on some Group V’s which is rare.
    –Mac Malloy – Robeson County Extension

    Corn harvest is almost complete with the exception of those who do not have grain storage. More early beans are showing signs of maturity. Wet weather continues to delay field activity for some growers.
    –Daniel Simpson – Pamlico County NRCS

    Showers of up to 2 inches fell in some locations which has all crops doing really well. Other areas got no rain which has all crops not performing well due to dry conditions.
    –Carl Pless – Cabarrus County Extension

    Tobacco harvest is moving along. Just about all fields have had leaves pulled now, and more fields finished up this week. Several farmers are still worrying about completing harvest before frost. Soybean leaves are starting to change color in a few fields. Fall hay harvest is in full swing, as farmers are trying to fill up storage before winter. A few fields have had wheat planted, but most wheat will be planted later after tobacco harvest is complete.
    –Paul Westfall – Granville County Extension

    Tobacco harvest is progressing, curing space is the limiting factor in getting the crop out of the field the crop is fading fast in some areas. Peanut, sweet potato and cotton crops look to be good to very good.
    –Don Nicholson – Agronomist Region 7

    There a feel of fall in the air as temperatures for the week were mild with highs primarily in the low to mid 70’s and lows mostly in the lower 50’s. Overall it was a dry week with a few scattered, light rain showers across the county with most areas receiving less than 0.5″. Burley tobacco harvest is nearly complete with only a limited amount of late set tobacco yet to be cut. Corn silage harvest is nearing completion with most producers reporting very good yields. Most vegetable crops are winding down at this point.
    –Stanley Holloway – Yancey County Extension

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