Wilbur-Ellis Company Acquires Poynter’s Ag Supply in North Dakota

    Wilbur-Ellis Company announced today (September 8, 2014) that it has acquired the assets of Poynter’s Ag Supply, a retail facility and Wilbur-Ellis alliance partner located in Sawyer, North Dakota. The location will now be part of the company’s Midwest Region.

    As an alliance partner, Poynter’s Ag Supply has purchased a majority of their products, including plant protection, nutrition, and seed, from Wilbur-Ellis, including the company’s branded products. The acquisition will allow growers more access to Wilbur-Ellis agronomists, technology specialists, and other services including aerial application. In addition, the new location is in proximity to the Wilbur-Ellis Minot facility, as well as other locations, making it a strategic fit for the company’s expanding operations in North Dakota.

    “We’re thrilled to welcome the talented team at Poynter’s Ag Supply to Wilbur-Ellis,” said Randy Haugeberg, area manager.  “We have an established relationship with the company, and I believe that our common goals of helping our customers succeed will be mutually beneficial for all parties.”

    “We expect the transition to Wilbur-Ellis ownership will be seamless given our long- standing partnership with the company,” said Duane Poynter, owner of Poynter’s Ag Supply.  “Wilbur-Ellis places great value on integrity and operational excellence, which we believe is important.  I look forward to future successes with the Wilbur-Ellis team.”

    Wilbur-Ellis North Dakota locations include Elgin, Grafton, Grand Forks, Lisbon, Minot, Mott, Rolla, Wahpeton, and Walhalla.

    Wilbur-Ellis is a leader in crop production technology and the distribution and marketing of plant protection, seed and nutritional products.

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