Wisconsin: Little Rain, slow Growth – USDA

    Rains Hit and Miss
    The amount of rain received in Wisconsin varied widely during the week. A storm system moved through the west and south-central portions of the state Monday, bringing soaking rain to some areas while bypassing neighboring counties. The north and east received similar spotty showers overnight on Sunday. However, the remainder of the week was once again dry and clear, with daytime temperatures in the 80s. Corn, soybeans, and hay perked up in response to the rain, but areas that have been bypassed by recent storms were badly in need of moisture. Topsoil moistures fell on average, with 43 percent short to very short statewide, compared to 33 percent short to very short last week. Reporters statewide noted that dry conditions are slowing the growth of third crop alfalfa. Pastures were also suffering from the lack of moisture, with condition declining for a fourth week in a row. Winter wheat harvest progressed rapidly, though the oats harvest was lagging behind average.
    There were 6.1 days suitable for fieldwork statewide.

    Across the reporting stations, average temperatures this week were normal to 3 degrees below normal. Average high temperatures ranged from 76 to 84 degrees, while average low temperatures ranged from 57 to 63 degrees. Precipitation totals ranged from 0.03 inches in Green Bay to 1.74 inches in Madison. If you are interested in further weather data, please reference the following sites:

    As of August 10, eighty-two percent of corn was silking, with 20 percent in dough stage. Corn condition was rated 69 percent good to excellent.
    Soybeans were 88 percent blooming, with 65 percent setting pods. Soybeans condition was rated 70 percent good to excellent.

    Ninety-two percent of the oat crop was turning color, with 38 percent harvested for grain. Condition was rated 78 percent good to excellent statewide.
    Seventy-four percent of winter wheat had been harvested for grain, up from 47 percent the previous week.

    Seventy-five percent of potatoes were rated in good to excellent condition.

    The second cutting of alfalfa was 95 percent complete and the third cutting was 38 percent complete.
    All hay condition was rated 81 percent good to excellent.

    Pasture condition was rated 55 percent good to excellent, down 12 percentage points from the previous week.

    For more information: Wisconsin Crop Weather

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