Pennsylvania: Wheat Harvest Nearly Finished, Corn in Early Milk Stage – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending July 27, 2014.

    Pennsylvania had an average of 5.5 days suitable for field work this week. The average height of emerged corn is 69 inches and is still in the early milk phase. Winter wheat is almost all harvested in the state.
    Apples and peaches are beginning to be harvested with apples right on schedule but peaches being considerably behind last year’s progress. Moisture stress varies greatly throughout the state with shallow soils being mostly affected.

    Temperatures will range from the high 70’s to mid 80’s with partial cloud cover and occasional showers and thunderstorms throughout the week. Main field activities for the week will be harvesting, haymaking and spreading manure.

    Reporters are from Extension Service (Ext), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Conservation District (CD), farmers, commodity specialists, or other knowledgeable individuals.

    ADAMS County, Judy A. Behney
    Adams County had a nice week of weather. Started morning temperatures in the high 60’s and daytime in the 80’s. Thursday morning was 70 and high humidity and into the higher 80’s. Today started out with 60 degrees and felt cooler and not much humidity and sunny blue skies. We got beneficial rainfall on Wednesday afternoon/evening in the county with some having 1.0″ and other places having 1.5″. We could use a little more rain throughout the county. Sunday evening thunderstorms rolled through the county. York Springs received an inch of rainfall. Most of the county received this beneficial rainfall. Corn continues to mature and some now in tassel. Some fields there is signs of different pollination because some in tassel and others only knee high. We could use some nice steady rain to help all of the crops out. Most corn appears to have nice green color. Soybeans are growing and soybeans double-cropped after wheat are now starting to emerge. Hay continues to be made with most of first cutting mixed hay being finished. Wheat harvest is over with some yielding good and some not so good. Oats is maturing and some showing some color change. Fruit crops continue to mature. You can see fruit is sizing nicely when you drive down the roadways in the county. Producers are still actively watching and getting information from Penn State Fruit Lab for insects and changing weather conditions that can affect their fruit crops. Plums and apricots are being harvested along with some peaches. Vegetables are being harvested also and readily available to consumers. Overall the producers are still busy making sure their crops are doing well and also now having a chance to mow around their farms to keep things neat. All hoping for good yields for this year and some additional rain to help their crops.

    ADAMS County, Thomas Kerr
    Some widely scattered showers, but sunny windy days are resulting in a moisture stress situation in much of the ares. Shallow soils are first to show effects. Cooler weather has helped crops remain healthy.

    BEAVER County, Luke Fritz
    Wheat harvest is complete, Oats harvest is starting.

    CAMBRIA County, Dolly Little
    Severe thunderstorms on Sunday – 1.3 inches of rain and 6 PM and another 1 inch during the night.

    CENTRE County, Dick A. Decker
    Good week for field work. Less than .2 inches of rainfall.

    FOREST County, Tom Tanner
    Things are very wet. Still trying to make first crop.

    JUNIATA/SNYDER County, William C. Sheaffer
    Corn is beginning to show signs of moisture stress on the lighter soils. Small grain harvest is near completion. Main activities for the week were harvesting, clipping stubbles and pastures, and spreading manure.

    LANCASTER County, Jeff Graybill
    Rain Sunday night will move crops along nicely. Some lodging in spots otherwise not serious damage. Finding a few fields with some palmer pigweed. Tobacco looking very good, will start to harvest in about 2 weeks.

    MERCER County, Jim Rust
    Last week’s rain and cloudy days resulted in no progress in hay making. Sunday nights rain resulted in another .8 inch of rain at our farm. Northern parts of Mercer County received 3.0 plus inches of rain in the Sandy Lake area. Corn fields have a variety of corn heights, yellow corn, and tassels in different stages.

    MONTGOMERY County, Andrew Frankenfield
    A couple rain events in the past week, most significant was Sunday night July 27. Heavy rain, wind and lightning provided very beneficial rain and caused some minor crop damage. Corn and soybeans are looking better now that we have had a few rains.

    PERRY County, David Swartz
    Rain from thunderstorms has been scattered, so crop conditions vary widely. Corn fields on shallow soils and compacted areas are showing some moisture stress. Some excellent hay has been made during these consecutive days of dry conditions, low humidity and sunshine. Cool season grass pastures are in the typical summer slump with very little growth.

    UNION County, Glenn L. Spangler
    No measurable rain and some crops are showing moisture stress. High humidity and heavy dew created difficult hay, straw and wheat harvest during the early week.

    WESTMORELAND County, Thomas Sierzega
    Very hot and dry at beginning of week and very wet and cool at tail end of week. Good hay making early week. Corn and soybeans growth progressing rapidly.

    YORK County, John Rowehl
    Finishing up baling straw from wheat harvest. Corn in some areas showing severe stress from dryness. Double-crop soybean stands looking fairly good. Soybean pests noted were downy mildew, Japanese Beetle and Mexican Bean Beetle.

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