North Carolina: Southern Corn Rust Spreading, Some Areas Need Water – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending July 20, 2014.

    GENERAL: Days suitable for field work 5.6. Topsoil moisture 7% very short, 22% short, 64% adequate and 7% surplus. Subsoil moisture 6% very short, 24% short, 64% adequate and 6% surplus. The state received wide spread showers with several areas recording over 1.5 inches for the week. Also, temperatures were 5 to 6 degrees below normal.

    This week’s report shows soybeans emerged nearing completion at 98%, blooming at 46% and setting pods at 23%. Cotton squaring was rated at 92% and setting bolls at 68%. Peanuts pegging reported at 90%. Reports for corn were silking at 94%, dough at 64%, and dented at 31%. The second cutting of hay reported at 65%, peaches harvested at 59% and flue-cured tobacco harvested at 15%.


    Heavy rain early in the week limited field activity. Temperatures were considerably cooler as a cold front dipped into the area during the week. Highs were mainly in the 60’s to lower 70’s and lows dipped into the lower 50’s. Overall, crops continue to look good. The corn crop is beginning to tassel/silk and early set burley tobacco is beginning to bud.
    –Stanley Holloway – Yancey County Extension

    All small grains have been harvested with fairly good yields. The county has entered into a moisture deficit that is showing signs of stress on all crops. Those farmers irrigating tobacco crops have a good crop, whereas, those that have not irrigated will have a light (weight and yields) crop this year with narrow profit margins, if any. Home gardens are beginning to dry up and finish up in harvesting. Pastures are turning brown and farmers are beginning to feed some hay. The spring hay crop this year only yielded about 60% of the normal harvesting yields. If the county doesn’t get any rainfall soon, it going to be low yielding for tobacco, corn, and soybeans this year. Also without rainfall, very little cool season grasses will be planted here in September.
    –Joey Knight – Caswell County Extension

    General but only light rains has eased crop “suffering” but has made little lasting effect on crop conditions. Soybeans and cotton still have time for economical yield but corn cannot recover if already stressed.
    –Steve Gibson – Catawba County Extension

    Tobacco harvest just getting underway. Target spot is a concern in many tobacco fields due to warm and wet weather conditions. Weather conditions have been favorable for sclerotinia development in peanut fields.
    –Richard Rhodes – Bertie County Extension

    Southern Corn Rust discovered within Craven. Estimate that 50% of corn at dent stage and will have limited yield loss. Remaining 50% at risk. Some growers treating with fungicides, some not. Calcium deficiency showing in tobacco in many areas. Appears to show greater symptoms in last transplanting dates. Not significant enough to cause yield loss, but has created uneven growth.
    –Mike Carroll – Craven County Extension

    Temperatures were a bit cooler this week a few showers passing through parts of the county. A big concern right now is the spread of Southern Rust in corn with the mild and wet weather conditions but hopefully most of the crop has reached a level of maturity that yield will not be severely impacted.
    –Mac Malloy – Robeson County Extension

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