AgFax Peanut Review: Southeast Peanut Profitability Award; Peanut Allergy Research Continues


    • Scottie Brown reports for The Selma Times-Journal that an Orrville, Alabama native, Owen Yoder, won the 2014 Southeast Peanut Profitability Award. Though Yoder only farms 150 acres of peanuts, he produced a whopping 5600 pounds per acre last season, 1100 pounds per acre higher than the average. Yoder attributes his yields to following a dedicated plan, including a strict crop rotation schedule as well as weed and disease control, and by timely intervention by Mother Nature which provided good rains seemingly right on time every time they were needed.
    • reports that despite increased peanut acreage in Georgia this season the state’s peanut production remains highly questionable. Cold weather delayed planting and lack of rain has stalled growth, leaving the crop currently 2-3 weeks behind schedule. Depending what the weather does for the remainder of the season the state could still produce a decent peanut crop, but it’s worrying to have so many problems so early in the season.


    • The quest to find a permanent treatment to peanut allergies, if not a full cure, continues according to Cynthia Craft on the Merced Sun-Star. A new study by the Mercy Medical Group in Sacramento is attempting to desensitize allergic children to peanuts with a strict program involving having the children ingest the nuts in controlled quantities. Starting with trace amounts of peanut powder diluted in other foods, the dosage is gradually increased over several months to acclimate the immune system to the nuts so reduce the risk and severity of allergic reactions. While there is still hope of a permanent cure, the main goal of the project is to allow the children to endure accidental exposure without suffering severe reactions, decreasing the worry levels of both children and parents.

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