Delaware: Warm, Wet Week Expected – USDA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending June 8, 2014.

    Maryland had 6 days and Delaware had 6.5 days suitable for field work. Emerged corn stalks are 12 inches tall. Corn is 94% planted in Maryland and emerged stalks are 9 inches tall. Apples are in full bloom in Delaware, about 2 weeks behind Maryland. Winter wheat has completely headed in Delaware and green peas have begun to be harvested. Barley has fully headed in both states. Farmers have started second cuttings of alfalfa in Maryland. Thunderstorms are projected for all of this week but the weekend should be relatively dry with temperatures in the 80’s, reaching a high of 89 on Wednesday. Field activities will be very limited this week with farmers attempting to cut hay when possible.


    Sussex County, DE – Harry Hudson Starting to get dry last week – irrigation being run on corn. Peas are coming off now. Corn planting pretty much done – except for DC corn. Soybeans are being planted. Most first plantings of fruit/veggies are in by now. Tree fruit crops damaged by winter – less fruit this year. Barley cutting may start this week.

    Harford County, MD – Patricia Hoopes Most spring application of manure is completed and most corn has been planted. Most have harvested the 1st cutting of hay. Soybean planting has begun.

    Howard & Montgomery Counties, MD – Charles Schuster .8 inches of rain fell during this reporting period. Strawberry harvest has been strong, with weather being very good to keep berries in good condition on the vine. Forage harvest is going well, with weather providing enough of a window of good weather to get most harvested without moisture damage. Corn is growing, but could use some additional Growing Degree Days, as temperatures have been cool overall. Tree fruit are doing well. Vegetables are strong at this point, having adequate moisture without much irrigation.

    Washington County, MD – Jeff Selmer Barley is maturing well with some lodged but should be harvestable. Wheat is looking good. Moisture and heat units have been good. Hoping the summer continues the same way.

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