South Carolina Cotton: Thrips Building, Treatments Starting

    Thrips are on the rise and foliar applications are going out. We will see them continue pressure the young crop. Herbicide and insecticide applications will be the norm for a couple of weeks, but be careful with any potential product interactions by reading those pesticide labels and heeding any warnings.

    As an update, Counter 20G insecticide/nematicide is NOT yet labeled for use in cotton in South Carolina. Georgia recently received a Section 18 for use in cotton for nematodes. But, to be clear, Counter is not yet labeled for use in cotton in SC. Our South Carolina application will also receive a decision from the EPA soon, hopefully.

    Reports from agents this week:

    • Jonathan Croft, county agent covering Orangeburg County, reported: “From what I have looked at this week, cotton and soybeans look good as far as insects go. Some cotton has light to moderate thrips injury from densities about 2 adult thrips per plant. Also, we will have quite a few acres of cotton that will be replanted in several areas that received heavy rainfall last week. Also, I have been seeing a good bit of burn on some cotton and beans from splash-up of at-plant herbicides that occurred with heavy rains last week.”
    • Charles Davis, county agent covering Calhoun County, reported: “Thrips pressure continues to rise. Ground treatments are beginning with Orthene. We are starting to replant some cotton damaged by the heavy rainfall last week. Calhoun County had over 5 inches of ran in many parts of the county last week, which packed a lot of our soils. Rotary hoes have been in full swing this week.”
    • Chris Talley, county agent covering Anderson County and surrounding areas, reported that there are no insect problems yet.

    Soybean Pests:

    It remains quiet in young soybeans but that will change soon after a little more vegetative growth. Kudzu bug numbers appear to be lower this year, but they are very good at reproducing, so don’t ignore potential early-season problems with them.

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