South Carolina: Planting Gets Underway in Earnest – US-DA

    Crop Progress and Condition for the Week Ending April 13, 2014.


    According the National Agriculture Statistics Service’s South Carolina Field Office, there were 5.6 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending Sunday, April 13th, 2014. Precipitation estimates for the State ranged from 0.26 inches of rain up to 2.85 inches. The State average temperature for the week was two degrees above the long-term average. Soil moisture ratings for topsoil were reported at 4% very short, 16% short, 76% adequate, and 4% surplus. Soil moisture ratings for subsoil were reported at 14% short, 84% adequate, and 2% surplus.


    “The last shot of rain fell on Monday in the form of a slow 0.5 inch rain but the wind blew and drying conditions improved greatly. Farmers were at it full force by the end of the week as corn plantings began. Temperatures up into the 80’s had farmers scurrying to get tobacco land bedding complete so transplanting could began in full force this week. I expect 80% of our tobacco farmers to start setting this week if weather permits. Although some corn has been planted, farmers intend to plant the crop at a rapid rate due to the prolonged winter. Most want to get corn plantings completed before tobacco transplanting begins. Wheat and all other small grains are looking good. The crop should begin heading soon but I have not seen any headed yet.”
    –Kyle Daniel, Georgetown County, District 30

    “There were light showers Monday evening, but other than that there were great working conditions this week. The dryer, warm and sunny weather really helped the wheat, and most of it looks great. Tobacco plants are still being transplanted (set), and the ones that have been transplanted are still a little stunted from being moved out of the warmer greenhouses.”
    –William Hardee, Horry County, District 30

    “Corn should be about 50% planted and tobacco transplants should be around 25% complete. Most producers started with the tobacco last week. Weather has been warmer and warmer nights will also help.”
    –Hilda Shelley, Horry County, District 30

    “Spotted the first kudzu bug I’d seen this year on 4/12. Wheat has reached flag leaf and is coming on strong. Counted tillers on wheat that was treated with Nitrogen verses wheat hadn’t had this last application of fertilizer and I found a 10-12 tiller difference in the two. Needless to say it has been wet but we dried up considerable fast the past few days”
    –Hannah Mikell, Clarendon County, District 50

    “Good weather conditions and good soil moisture allowed farmers to plant corn at a steady pace. Some small, fresh market vegetable producers have planted some vegetables, and a few have indicated that they have germinated.”
    –Mark Nettles, Orangeburg County, District 50

    “A welcomed rain of an inch and a half fell on the county on Monday evening which stalled field work for a day or two. Watermelon, cantaloupe and tomato planting have begun at a rapid pace. Corn planting has resumed at a rapid pace. Growers are preparing fields for planting of other crops. Fungicide treatments are being applied by air to wheat by some growers.”
    –Hugh Gray, Hampton County, District 80

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