California: Zeus (Sulfentrazone) Registered for use in Some Tree and Vine Crops

    A few weeks ago, a new herbicide from FMC Corporation was registered for use in some California orchard and vineyard crops.

    Zeus herbicide, with the active ingredient sulfentrazone, now has a supplemental label in the state that allows use on grapes (wine, table, raisin, and juice-types), lemon, orange, pistachio, and walnut (black and English).  You can find labels, and MSDS info from FMC  here:

    Sulfentrazone is a preemergence herbicide that can provide good residual control of some tough broadleaf weeds as well as some grasses and sedges.  Although it has some postemergence activity, Zeus will probably need a POST tankmix partner for satisfactory weed control in most situations. For best preemergence results, 1/2 inch of rain or irrigation after application will be needed within a couple weeks after application.

    Zeus is a Group 14 herbicide that kills plants by inhibiting the enzyme protoporphrinogen oxidase (PPO or PROTOX). Other commonly used herbicides in this group include flumioxazin (Chateau), saflufenacil (Treevix), carfentrazone (Shark), pyraflufen (Venue). The active ingredient in Zeus is also used in other ag crops under the trade names Authority and Spartan, among others.

    We’ve had Zeus out in a couple trials in the past few years (raisin and wine grape and walnut) and have had pretty good performance on glyphosate-resistant fleabane and horseweed in the Parlier area and mixed winter and summer broadleaf weeds in orchard trials near Atwater and Marysville. Although its weed spectrum is not as broad as some herbicides, it can be very effective in certain situations or as part of a weed management program.

    I’ve attached the Supplemental Label below; however, I’d recommend that you go to the FMC site or your favorite pesticide label source for the most up-top-date label information on Zeus Herbicide.

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