Alabama Cotton: Scout Fields Before Making Application Decisions

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    The crop situation is all over the board in Alabama. Fields in the Gulf Coast region have received rains in something like 30 of the last 37 days, while fields […]   🕔Aug 7, 2022
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    Arkansas Rice: Rains Bring Relief; Drain Timing Considerations

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    A lot of rain dancing was going on leading up to last weekend’s long-awaited statewide rain event.  Some got a little more than they bargained for, and some got less […]   🕔Aug 7, 2022
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    California Almonds: Insecticide Options for Navel Orangeworm – A Recent Trial Summary

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    Navel orangeworm (NOW) is one of the important pests that draws nut crop grower’s attention throughout the season. Although the economic damage may not be significant every year, the unpredictability […]   🕔Aug 7, 2022
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    Georgia Pecans: Late Season Considerations

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    As we enter August shell hardening is upon us for Pawnee and other varieties are only a few days to weeks behind. This means that for Pawnee we are shifting […]   🕔Aug 7, 2022
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    Illinois Field Reports: Most Areas Get Needed Rains

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    Each week, I put out a request to crops educators and specialists from the University of Illinois to compile an update to share with the entire state. We hope you […]   🕔Aug 7, 2022
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    Iowa Field Reports: Dry Conditions, Insect Pests, and Weed Escapes

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    The past week brought again spotty rainfall across the state. With the dry conditions and warmer temperatures forecasted there are concerns about what this may mean for the crops. Spider […]   🕔Aug 3, 2022
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    Residue’s Role in Soil Health – Video

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    In this video, K-State Research and Extension agronomist Peter Tomlinson demonstrates the impact of rain on four types of soil surfaces: A field tilled multiple times with no residue at […]   🕔Aug 5, 2022
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    Kentucky Soybeans: Japanese Beetles Feeding on Blooms

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    Japanese beetles, Popillia japonica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) are native to Asia.  This species was first detected in the early 1900s in New Jersey, but now occurs throughout many areas of the United States. […]   🕔Aug 6, 2022
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    Mississippi Soybeans: Crop Quality, Prices Navigate Volatility

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    The condition of Mississippi’s soybean crop in early August literally depends on where you stand. “We have some really good-looking irrigated soybeans that were planted in the optimum planting window […]   🕔Aug 5, 2022
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    Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Managing Spider Mites

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    Spider mite damage to corn and soybeans is being reported in Nebraska. The following story addresses management. The companion story, Identifying Spider Mite Damage and the Species Responsible, includes a guide […]   🕔Aug 3, 2022
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    New Mexico

    New Mexico: 33 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought

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    This Secretarial natural disaster designation allows the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) to extend much-needed emergency credit to producers recovering from natural disasters through emergency loans. […]   🕔May 11, 2021
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    Ohio: Precision Ag Day Prescriptive Tillage, Urbana, Aug. 25

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    Join Champaign and Madison County OSU Extension as we look at the potential for prescriptive tillage technology. This is the next step in sub-field management, with implements able to adjust […]   🕔Aug 5, 2022
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    Pennsylvania Soybeans: Reports of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome, Brown Stem Rot

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    We have received reports from the western part of Pennsylvania about fields showing symptoms of sudden death syndrome or brown stem rot (or potentially combinations of the two in the […]   🕔Aug 5, 2022
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    Tennessee: New Data on Controlling Volunteer XtendFlex Soybean in XtendFlex Cotton

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    What are some options to control volunteer XtendFlex soybeans in XtendFlex cotton fields?  As mentioned in an earlier blog both Envoke and Staple look to be potential answers to this […]   🕔Aug 7, 2022
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    Texas Plains Cotton: Lots of Pests, No Economist Thresholds

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    General Status Weather and drought remain our greatest issues this week yet again as we plow through crunch time and peak water use with not a drop of moisture to […]   🕔Aug 7, 2022
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    Virginia Cotton: Questions About Respraying, Late Season Growth Management

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    In light of the trip being made across cotton to clean up the ongoing insect invasion, one of the common questions that comes up is about growth management. Another question […]   🕔Aug 7, 2022
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